3 Reasons Social Media Marketing is Becoming Critical for Small Businesses

Importance of Social Media for Small Businesses
Many surveys conducted among owners of small businesses or marketers working for small businesses, such as Social Media Examiner’s annual Social Media Marketing Industry Report, for example,are showing a trend of increasing usage of social medias for marketing purposes. The majority of respondents find it even critical for their business. Obviously, social medias are suitable and important for this kind of business and here are some reasons why that is a case.

1# Low Costs

Marketing implies spending money. One thing is when Coca-Cola or Nike are planning some marketing investment and totally another when it comes to very limited budget of a small entrepreneurship. While traditional marketing can drain your funds pretty quickly, social media platforms allow you to start a campaign for as little as 5$. So, starting should be easy and further, that allows you more trials and tests in order to find what works in realizing your defined goals.

As you already anticipate, you are saving money, but on the other hand, a time is a necessary asset which you’ll invest in order to learn how to establish and build your brand using social media. Three platforms which dominate currently among small business owners are Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin, in that order.


2# Audience Segmentation and Communication

Users of social media platforms are your potential customers about whom platforms already know a lot, from relationship status and career choices to types of entertainment they enjoy. When you’re setting campaign on Facebook you can define your audience precisely and distinguish individual character profiles by age, gender, interests, profession, etc. On Linkedin, you can target ads by industry, job title, the size of a company etc.

Once you targeted the audience you can crystallize your message in a way they will perceive it the best. Also, once you build the audience for your brand via social media platforms you can start a really important two-way communication and collect very useful information about your customers’ satisfaction and expectation with minimum costs and effort.


3# Future Expansion

New social media platforms are appearing and existing evolve from day to day (Instagram and Pinterest have doubled their traffic from the start in 2012). There are more and more users on one side and there will be more and more tools which marketers can use in realizing their goals on the other.

Small businesses just need to enter the field and start finding a systematic solution which will bring positive results and then keep adjusting it and improve it by following new trends. It’s just a matter of time when those who enter the game will accomplish that, and those who don’t… well, they will have to play too eventually, but they will be way behind.

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