DSLR Focusing Features Explained: Your Camera’s Options and How to Use Them

There are a number of typical DSLR focusing features that can make all the difference between a pin-sharp image and a blurry mess.
In this cheat sheet we illustrate where to find these focusing features on your DSLR – and what they do.
DSLR focusing features explained: your camera's options and how to use them

How to Configure Your Autofocus

How to configure your autofocus: step 1
Set the Focusing Mode

Use the sliding switch on the lens to set autofocus (AF) or manual focus (MF). Some lenses include a focus limiter, which enables you to restrict the distance the lens focuses over, increasing the speed at which the AF system finds the target.
How to configure your autofocus: step 2
Choose the AF Mode

Next you need to choose the AF mode. Use One-Shot AF for stationary subjects and AI Servo AF for moving ones. Intelligent mode is where the camera automatically shifts from One Shot to AI Servo, if it senses movement in the frame.
How to configure your autofocus: step 3
Pick the AF Point(s)

At one end of the scale, you can activate all the AF points and leave it up to the camera to decide where to focus. At the other end of the scale, you can activate a single AF point and choose precisely where the camera focuses.