How To Creating Stunning Jewellery Images

The keys to great jewellery photography are:
  • Light Diffusion – use an EZcube® light tent for perfect light diffusion, thereby reducing or eliminating reflections, shadows, hotspots and glare.
  • Perfect Daylight Lighting – TableTop Studio’s perfect daylight compact fluorescent lighting is ideal. Our 5000K bulbs provide lovely natural white light. They produce very little heat so they can be left on for long photo sessions without over heating the light tent, camera or the photographer. Continuous lighting is essential – an on-camera flash does not lead to good jewellery photos. Not only is the camera’s flash too bright at such a close distance, but it is probably in the wrong position to actually light up the jewellery properly. Further, when using flash you are unable to see how the final image will appear until the flash goes off, leading to much wasted time in trial and error.
  • Add Sparkle – use a Sparkler Light (all colours of gemstones) or Diamond Dazzler (extra brilliance for all colourless gemstones). These specialist lights are positioned at the front so that you see the stones sparkle. The Sparkler Light can add depth and quality to the image. The Diamond Dazzler adds an extra dazzle and brings out the fire of diamonds.
  • Focus – use spot focus mode (see your camera manual). It’s better for close up photography to put the camera into spot focus mode, this will allow you to see exactly what the camera will be focusing on. For jewellery photography you ideally need a camera with good macro focus capability.
  • Exposure – appropriate exposure is essential (see your camera manual).
  • Reflections – add soft and subtle reflections on a white reflective background or dramatic reflections on a black background using a Reflective Riser.
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