How to Dominate with YouTube

Let’s be real, video is on the up and up and no one does it better
than YouTube. It doesn’t matter how much hype Facebook video has been
getting or the buzz that Vine and Snapchat has, YouTube is still king.
With over 400 hours of video content being uploaded to YouTube every minute, if you aren’t using the platform then you’re missing out.
But, with so much content being uploaded, how in the world can you
build an audience on YouTube? I”ll tell you this, skip going after the
viral videos, you’ll be chasing unicorns forever. Instead focus on
creating content for your audience and using these 5 tips to make your
videos stand out above the crowd.

1. Thumbnails or Die

The true work after filming, editing and uploading your video to
YouTube begins with the thumbnail. If you take a look at some of the top
videos on YouTube you’ll notice a few trends. The thumbnails either
feature: a beautiful man or woman, an eye popping image with bold text
or a bright background with a figure showing strong emotion.
You will find yourself whether consciously or unconsciously picking
the video with a thumbnail that stands out. Before you finish upload
process, make sure you add that custom thumbnail, you’ll thank us later!

2. Title Game On Fleek

If you don’t know what “on fleek” is…then you’re missing out. Long
story short, you need you titles to be on point. This along with the
thumbnail are two of the most vital things to having a successful video
and an even more successful YouTube channel. I’m not a fan of this
strategy but clickbait titles do work, at least for a little while until
users recognize their being lied to. This will negatively effect your
video’s placement as YouTube’s algorithms track how long people are
watching your video.
To get a sense of what kind of titles you should use, think like
this. First, think of the type of videos you share and the titles they
have. Next understand what your video is about. If your video is about
the newly opened Fast and Furious ride at Universal Studios Hollywood
then you should make sure that you attempt to use all of the keywords
you can in the title.
Here’s a few good examples:
  • Fast & Furious: Supercharged – Full Attraction from Universal Studios Hollywood
  • Fast & Furious—Supercharged ride grand opening at Universal Studios Hollywood
The title is a great way to capture someone’s attention as well as
throw in keywords to really bump up your video in the search engine.

3. Tags and Keywords

I keep mentioning tags and keywords because they are the magic sauce
that helps to propel your video. And yes, tags and keywords are two
separate things. We shall start with keywords.
youtube keywords

gives you 5000 characters to use in your video’s description and it’s
best to fill them with keywords while creating a well rounded
description of your video. There’s a few different strategies you can
employ but the most important thing to remember is that in the first 150
characters you want to explain exactly what the video is about. In the
next 500 characters you want to include some buzzworthy words like in
the example above: WordPress, search engine optimization, Google,
organic, dentist.

While these are broad keywords, these are the types of things people
typically type into YouTube. Think of YouTube as a big search engine
just like Google, but instead of links to websites you get links to
Now on to tags. Tags are very similar to keywords, but, whereas
keywords are used in the description to let users know what the video is
about, tags allow YouTube’s algorithms to know what the video is about.
Take a look at the example above. You can see that the tags being
entered in match the description of the video.
You do not, I repeat, you do not want to enter in tags that have
nothing to do with your video. Not only will you piss a lot of viewers
off when they land on your video thinking it’s Meek Mill’s response
track to Drake’s Back-to-Back freestyle, but YouTube will not rank your
video as high.

4. Call To Action.

So you have the thumbnail all set, your tags and keywords filled
in…now you need to throw in some cards and annotations. Cards and
annotations are the interactive popups you see during the video that
tell viewers to subscribe or visit this channel etc.
youtube cards
You want to add these two things throughout your video because they
act as call to action buttons. The internet is funny because unless you
tell people to do something, they usually won’t do it. Here’s a few
things you can do with cards and annotations:
  • Place subscribe annotations throughout your video
  • Link previous videos
  • Title overlays
  • Link to your website


5. Share Like You’ve Never Shared Before.

Now you finally have everything finished to upload your video to YouTube. Hit submit and now it’s time to share your video.
It goes without saying that someone is more likely to watch a video
that 100,000 people have watched vs 100 people. Make sure you try to get
your friends, family and fans to watch the video as soon as possible.
The more eyes you have viewing it the better!