How to Stop the Most Common Productivity Prohibitors

A text here. A few emails there. Just 10 ( … or 30) minutes of
surfing your favorite websites. Oh, everyone’s getting coffee? Wouldn’t
want to miss out!

These workplace distractions are familiar to all of us. But when you
add up the time you spend distracted, you start to realize just how much
they cut into your productivity.

For example, every week, employees spend an average of five hours surfing non-work-related websites. (And who could blame us when there are so many good ones out there?)

That’s not to say that it’s inherently bad to do things that are deemed “distracting.” After all, studies have shown that taking timed, calculated breaks throughout the day actually helps you work smarter overall.

But if you’re trying to get stuff done, it’s best to be aware of the
things prohibiting your productivity so you can stop them in their
tracks. Check out the infographic below from SurePayroll for some interesting facts and statistics on workplace distractions — and tips on how to avoid them.