Why are Product Images Important?

Product photos are important to your online ecommerce site because of what they communicate to your customers.

Here are some of the biggest factors:

1. They Help Customers Better Understand Your Products

Although ecommerce is praised for its convenience (and rightly so), one thing it lacks is the opportunity for customers to physically handle a product they’re interested in. High quality product photos help fill this gap by providing your customers with the information they need. And when customers can easily access the information they want, they’re much more likely to come back for more.

2. They Boost Your Brand

Good product photos act as brand ambassadors: They telegraph your brand and style in one simple, efficient and effective way. Whether your brand is contemporary, kitschy or anything in between, your product photos strengthen your brand and make it even more recognizable. Plus, high quality product images are known to build customer trust in both your products and your brand.

3. They Give You a Competitive Edge

Online shoppers are notorious for shopping around, so you can basically guarantee that your customers will check out your competitors’ wares before making a decision. With appealing product photos, you present your products in the best possible light and make your customers an offer they can’t refuse.

4. They Increase Sales (and Reduce Returns)

To put it simply, the return on investment of high-quality product photos is incredibly high. For all the reasons above, customers will be much more likely to buy from your online business. Better product information both entices customers to buy and increases trust in your brand. Plus, that better-informed buyer is much more likely to find the exact product of yours they want, instead of purchasing a near-miss and shipping it back.